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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Meaning When Boss Speaks.....

When Your Boss Praises You...
Here’s what it really means…

Outgoing personality : Always out of the office
Great presentation skills : Can fool people
Good communication skills : Spends a lot of time on phone
Average employee : Not too bright
Exceptionally well qualified : Made no major blunders yet
Work is first priority : Too plain to get a date
Independent worker : Nobody knows what he/she does Quick thinking :
                                        Offers plausible excuses

Careful thinker : Won’t make a decision
Aggressive : Obnoxious
Uses logic on difficult jobs : Gets someone else to do them
Expresses himself/herself well : Speaks English
Meticulous attention to detail : A nitpicker
Has leadership qualities : Is tall or has a loud voice
Exceptionally good judgment : Lucky
Keen sense of humor : Knows a lot of dirty jokes
Career minded : Back stabber
Loyal : Can’t get a job anywhere else


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