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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Diamond-covered Mercedes Benz SL550

If you think the stylish and glamorous Mercedes Benz SL550 is still not enough to grab everyone’s attention, then a diamond covered SL550 will most definitely do. Or rather, overdo. This one was unveiled at an auto show in oil-rich Dubai, most probably to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Mercedes Benz SL550. There’s no info if the diamonds are genuine or fake, but real or not, this car’s price tag is certainly written in figures that only people the likes of the Sultan of Brunei,Jibon or Paris Hilton can comprehend.

1 comment:

CarExpert said...

Oh my! I know Mercedes vehicles are known to be luxurious. But, that one is oozing with luxury, Mercedes Benz Door, the whole body shining in diamonds, not an ideal daily driver; it would be too dangerous. That just suites for car shows only. It would be just in my dreams to drive one. I won’t risk my life having one of those.

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