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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kid Without Eye

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Kid Without Eye

The small rising sun as soon as gives birth to does not have the eye, therefore he has not flowed the tear, even if in heart pain to extreme.

Yesterday, in the Xiamen ophthalmology department center, reporter saw just the reach 1 year-old small rising sun. This is the face - eye spot which makes one be startled hollowly goes in, the picture is two eye sockets, actually only has the integrity but the smooth skin, does not have the eyebrow also not to have the eyelash, the nose to like the pestle which small radish resembles in the face shape central committee. Child's Aunt Ms. Zhu said that, the small rising sun only has "four officials" since birth, but, traces the child eye with the hand the spot, can inside be able to feel has the eyeball type the thing to rotate.

"Because double eyelid closed, the child from is born on has not flowed the tear to the present." Ms. Zhu said that, the small rising sun "the eyeball" can rotate under the skin, he rubs the hands the spot after the commonly used hand which the eye is at, the picture is wants diligently to rub the hands a seam, has a look this both to be familiar with own eyes and the strange world, every day "wakes, he continuously wants to want to open the eye, rubs the hands red the skin, sometimes also open the mouth to call, is agitated very much appearance. We look really is anxious."

Ms. Zhu said, the small rising sun smiles time very lovable, but she worried, along with the age growth, the small rising sun smiling face can be more and more few. Once, she had brought the young rising sun to exit takes a walk, group of children gather round the small rising sun to be called "not the eye child", the small rising sun frightens hides in mother the bosom, twists the mouth sidewise the small mouth to cry very much pitifully.

The small rising sun movement and the language growth very is all normal, he specially likes falling the toy, may through listen to fall the pleasure which the thing the sound feels plays. Because cannot see, he eats meal all must depend on the parents to feed. He likes taking the bowl and the ladle, when the toy plays.

Ms. Zhu and the husband said, the small rising sun although does not have the eye, but or has the feeling to the light, for instance, some people quietly take a walk in front of him, his small head can follow person's movement rotation, he also can use the hand to trace the television screen the person shade. "No matter has the miracle to appear, all must open the skin to have a look, perhaps, child's eye return of a lost or stolen article can look at the thing."

Child Man Yuehou, they lead the child to seek medical help in all directions. For a year, they have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou's each big eye clinic, has squandered 30,000 Yuan which the husbands and wives laboriously accumulates, but all doctors all thought such case of illness really was too rare, even if the surgery, let the child see brightly possibly also nearly is zero again. Considered the child age too is young, is unable to withstand the surgery anaesthesia, Ms. Zhu and the husband has not let the child perform the surgery, but, they never give up let the child look at the world the endeavor.

Xiamen ophthalmology department center doctor introduces that, likes small rising sun this kind of case of illness to be called in the medicine "hides the eye". This kind of case of illness in on international specially is all rare, so far, has not nearly restored the vision through the surgery the example.

Xiamen University medical college chief, Xiamen ophthalmology department center Chair Professor Liu motherland discovered after the small rising sun inspection that, A small rising sun eye has not grown the forming, is completely does not have, outside traces only is a very small pellet, 右眼 can trace to a big pellet, whether has the eye visual function now not to know.

Because the small rising sun also has the congenital skull damage the question, must after the comprehensive health examination the hospital can give him to arrange the concrete surgery time.


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