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Monday, July 30, 2007

Tomato diet can boost sperm say scientists

Tomato diet can boost sperm say scientists
By Natalie Waler

A DAILY bowl of tomato soup may help boost men's fertility, it was claimed yesterday.

Scientists have discovered that lycopene, which gives tomatoes their bright red colouring, can turn sperm into super-sperm.

The Portsmouth University researchers studied the effect of lycopene in the diet of six men, with an average age of 42.

They each ate a 400 gramme tin of Heinz cream of tomato soup every day for two weeks.

Sperm samples taken from them over the duration of the study showed levels of lycopene in their semen rose by up to 12 per cent.

Tomato products have been proven to have cancer-fighting properties because lycopene is a powerful antioxidant.

But this is the first time they have been shown to boost fertility.

Infertile men are known to have lower levels of lycopene in their sperm.

Heinz spokesman Nigel Dickie said: "It's good to know that our tomato soup could boost your mojo."


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