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Saturday, September 1, 2007

10 Ways to Have Fun with Boobs

Fry Up Eggs with the Boob Egg Mold
The boob egg fryer is perfect for all kinds of kinky cuisine! Just right for that special breakfast!! How about serving up a boobie burger or a pair of pert pancake boobs...Erotic and eggciting!

Cover Your Eyes with the Boobie Blindfold
Can't sleep? Blindfolds just got more entertaining with this boobie shaped blindfold, this boobie blindfold is designed to look like you have great big furry boobs as eyes. Made from 100% Polyester makes this boobie blindfold very comfortable and a must have for all boobie fans

Boob Soap Dispenser
"Squeeze the boob to release the gel... Having a shower has never been so much fun!
Do you fancy fondling a pert pair of bosoms in the shower every day? Actually that's probably a silly question....Shower Breasts are guaranteed to make you want to wash more often. This naughty nipple-topped pair attaches to your shower wall with the suckers provided, with each bosom having a compartment for shower gel, shampoo or conditioner. To dispense, simply squeeze away – but be warned, you could run out of shower gel very quickly..."

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