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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boy Who Kept Growing

ELLENSBURG -- Brenden Adams may be the only one in the world with this condition -- that certainly makes him unique -- but to Brenden nothing's different about him at all.

At just 4-months-old Adams had all of his teeth.

"In kindergarten I was as tall as the 4th graders," Adams said, who as the years went on just kept growing and growing.

Within a recent two-and-a-half year period he grew 15 inches. At 5-years-old, he was as tall as his older brother, who was more than twice his age.

The reason why he's getting so much attention is that at nearly 7-feet-tall, Adams is only 12.

In the past couple years simple tasks have gotten a lot harder.

"Pretty much every place I go, I have to duck," said Adams.

He finally stopped growing this year, but he's got other medical conditions, like extremely large joints.

"Getting my socks on is kind of harder," he said.

But doctors can't explain it so they can't treat him, and they can't reassure his family that Adams will live a long life.

But if you ask Adams about his condition, he doesn't really give you many answers because to him, he's just like any other 12-year-old boy.

"I'm a little better at basketball than some others," he said.

Adams and his family will move into a new home next month -- one with taller ceilings and doorways so that Brenden won't need to duck to get around any more.

Some of Brenden's family friends just held a fund raiser for him so they could help buy him furniture he can fit in.

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