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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Teenager 'hired hitman to kill mother

Teenager 'hired hitman to kill mother after she confiscated his Playstation'
A 16-year-old is going on trial in the U.S. after his mother caught him hiring a hitman to kill her.

Cory Ryder was arrested after a sting operation in June this year after a woman he trusted - the mother of one of his friends - took him to a hotel room to meet someone he believed was a hitman, but who was in reality an undercover policeman.

The teen, like other teens, had rowed with his parents over Playstation and TV, and had been grounded.

His mother, Shannan Troiano, 35, recalled the night of the sting at an earlier hearing.

Waiting at home to hear the results on June 2, she told her husband Joey that Cory would never go through with it and frantically tidied the house. When the police called later to say her son was in custody and would be charged with attempted murder, she burst into tears, according to the Washington Post.


1 comment:

maria said...

aii..What a sad news. How can a teen wanna kill his mother because of small matters?

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