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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baby diagnosed with "atelectasis"

is defined as a state in which the lung, in whole or in part, is collapsed or without air.[1] It is a condition where the alveoli are deflated, as distinct from pulmonary

"From is born had 6 months to the present, but this child does not grow perceptibly,
only some 6 catties." On the other day, saw when Poyang county Zhang Jieming
husbands and wives bosom baby's appearance, he was extraordinary emaciated truly
frightens reporter as soon as to jump. This 6 months big baby small hand skin all is 皱褶,
the bone winds clearly discernible. He opens mouth does not stop sobs, but actually
does not have the weeping sound. This is in twin's younger brother which last
December 22 was born. When birth all is normal, this February, the younger
brother starts to appear gives off heat, the cough symptom, treats latter 23 day
to recur. At the same time, elder brother also has the symptom which gives off heat,
after the inspection unexpectedly is the septicaemia. Own flesh and blood company suffers the misfortune,
in the husbands and wives heart is sheared on the picture by the knife equally uncomfortably.
In these more than 4 months time, they run Nanchang's size hospital, has spent more than 30,000 Yuan savings,
finally verifies the younger brother to contract is "the lung open", doctor suggested
they lead the child to go to Shanghai or Beijing treat. At present, the husbands and wives have exhausted the family property,
they hoped has the folk prescription to be able rescues the child
translate by : Babel Fish Translation

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