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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ducky world’s smallest dog

CHARLTON— Gilbert Gottfried, who supplies the voice of the frustrated duck in the AFLAC Insurance commercials, better watch his back — because Ducky, the world’s smallest dog, is gunning for his job.

“When they had the Taco Bell thing, people loved that dog,” said Ducky’s owner, Lisa D. Messier of Charlton. “And Ducky’s so much smaller and everything. I would love to do something like the AFLAC commercial with him because I think he would actually like it.”

Standing 4.9 inches tall and weighing approximately 21 ounces, Ducky, a 2-1/2-year-old short-coat Chihuahua, recently got word from Guinness World Records that he is, in fact, the smallest dog in the world.

Besides the title, Ducky has the distinction that he quacks, hence the fowl moniker.

“The name Ducky comes from the fact that he goes quack, quack, quack,” Mrs. Messier said. “He can’t bark. He quacks and sounds exactly like a duck.”

While some have compared him to a wingless bat and a bulbous, bug-eyed extraterrestrial, there is no denying that Ducky has a look that stays with you.

“The thing is, people either think he’s adorable, or they think he’s really ugly and he looks like an alien,” Mrs. Messier said. “So, it either goes one way or another. There’s absolutely no middle ground with Ducky.”


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